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Animal Communication with Robin Salerno

Event Info:

  • June 22, 2024
  • 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM


Animal Communication with Robin Salerno.
Our animal friends cross our path to teach us and help us love and grow. Their behavior mirrors our joy and challenges.
Perhaps your loving animal companion has recently started behaving differently and you would like to know why. Perhaps you are feeling the urge to take into your home and heart, a new pet and confidant. Perhaps it is time to help a dear elderly or ill pet "cross over' and you struggle with letting go.
The Animal World is hard at work at this time, to help us open to new and exciting realities. I look forward to assisting your and your loving animal family to find clarity and greater understanding.
Let each call, each touch of a paw or nose, hold the message for you
of Love and gentle Guidance-

"Listen to me, your furry friend-
know I understand and want to help, because Love is All there Is."
I can't wait for you to hear their
hearts as I do!
The cost is $59 for a 20 minute appointment, 262-363-3338 for an appointment. Cash or checks accepted.